Thursday, 20 February 2014

What makes platform of any surgeon’s decision for rhinoplasty?

If you consider undergoing nose cosmetic procedure to enhance your nasal appearance and to address functional deformities, you will need to consult an experienced and skilled surgery specialist.

It is common that different people have different problems associated with their appearance and function. Therefore, it is important to plan treatment based upon individual’s problems and expectations. In order to create an appropriate plan as per patients’ nasal issues, cosmetic surgeon schedules a consultation with the patient.

On the other hand, it is vitally important for a patient to clear all their doubts with the surgeon during consultation so that a clear treatment plan could be crystallized. A thorough consultation is not only the way to provide desired post-surgery results but also to ensure that procedure in all manners will be safe.

NYC based rhinoplasty surgeons start consultation by taking the past and present medical history of the patient. Besides, they order some tests in order to note the chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disorders etc., that have potential to make the operation complicated.

In addition, surgeon also asks if the patient have had any previous surgeries. Moreover, your overall health status that includes physical as well psychological health is evaluated. It is important to inform you that consultation is the right time to inform your surgeon any type of medications, vitamins, or health supplements you are presently taking. Also, make him aware if you are in the bad habit of using tobacco, alcohol, cigarette, or any other drugs.

Disclose your expectations for the procedure. To identify the changes to be made, facial and nasal characteristics, such as shape of the face, shape of nasal bridge, symmetry between two sides of the nostrils, thickness of skin, length of nasal tip etc., are measured

Considering and evaluating the information and expectations, doctor explains the important details about the procedure along with the treatment options available such as open procedure, closed, revision, ethnic or other. Patient is also provided with the possible outcomes of the procedure based upon your nasal issues and overall health. Surgery specialist also guides the patient about complications involved.

Considering all such factors, surgeon decides the day of the cosmetic operation if the patient qualifies all the safety conditions to undergo the operation. Patients will also be prescribed medications and instructions to prepare him/her for the cosmetic procedure.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Possible complications that you might face after rhinoplasty

Undoubtedly, no cosmetic procedure is risk free. This is because complications are bound to happen, either before or after the operation. Therefore, if you are thinking to go for rhinoplasty, you must be aware about its complications.

Following is the list of problems that patient might have to face after the rhinoplasty surgery:

Unsatisfactory results: Though cosmetic operation yields positive results only, but there are chances that sometime things will not go the way it had been planned. In other words, patient might not get satisfactory results from nose job.

Reaction to anesthesia: To perform nose job, patient is given anesthesia, so that he or she does not feel any pain while incisions are made. Anesthesia is of two types general and local. Patient is given anesthesia by best nose surgeon in New York after considering factors like age, health, flaws on nose and few more. Although, rare chances of risks are there in terms of reaction to anesthesia, but at times when might face complication in aspect to anesthesia.
Collapse of Nose Bridge: Rhinoplasty is performed to correct the nose flaws of patient. However, after operation, one might face collapse of Nose Bridge leading to additional complications for patient and leaving them with no other option besides going for revision rhinoplasty.

Risk of nose bleeds: Bleeding is common to occur after rhinoplasty. Some may face mild bleeding, while others may face more. The reason behind the cause of bleeding is either natural or because of the carelessness of patient (exertion, stress, in taking of non-prescribed medication).

Infection: Different patient have different body system. Therefore, chances of infection after the operation might be there for an individual who has undergone surgery.

Reasons that increase risk factor include:

Smoking: People who are prone to smoking, they have higher risk of getting problems after the surgery. As smoking is injurious to health, it affects the healing procedure thus leading to complications for the patient.

Age: not everyone get optimal results of surgery because nose job performed on a teenager will have different results and performed on adult will have different. Therefore, age factor also plays a major role in the outcomes of surgery. Moreover, because of age factor complications are bound to occur because higher the age of adult, higher would be the chances of problems.

Medical problems: Different people have different health problems like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, thyroid and many more. Therefore, such reasons can also lead to complications for an individual who is thinking to or have undergone rhinoplasty.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What nose deformities you can correct with rhinoplasty surgery?

Many people have the same philosophy that rhinoplasty is only used for enhancing the appearance of nose. But it is just an hypothetical belief!

Rhinoplasty is not just meant to make the nose aesthetically beautiful, but to also done for correcting various flaws of nasal.

If you too have the same thinking then following are the nose deformities that patients can correct via undergoing rhinoplasty from a reputed nose plastic surgeon in New York City:

For modifying septum perforation
Many people have abnormal dorsum, which is lack of support to the nasal septum. This problem is generally caused to people who consume drugs like cocaine or nasal decongestant sprays. Moreover, this kind of problem is due to Wegener’s Granulomatosis, Sarcoidosis, Relapsing Polychondritis and Churg-Strauss Syndrome. However, if this problem is no corrected then patient is at a risk to get their nasal dorsum collapsed.

For correcting injudicious cosmetic surgical outcomes

At times of operation, when cartilage of nose gets over trimmed it leads to abnormal breathing. However, it is caused because of the carelessness of surgeon but to correct this problem, patient has to go for reconstructive rhinoplasty. During this operation, surgeon will widen the cartilage graft or middle vault of the nose, in order to restore normal breathing of the patient.

Removal of nasal skin cancer
Skin cancer can commonly occur in any area of body part. Nasal skin cancer is also a type of problem that people faces. Undergoing rhinoplasty is the solution for it.

Rhinoplasty for Rhinophyma
Rhinophyma is when skin inside the nose gets acne. The tip of the patient nose gets red, thickened, and enlarged. A solution to this problem can be either antibiotics or rhinoplasty. A special kind of nose job called laser job is done for removing the abnormal skin

Nose surgical treatment for congenital nasal deformity
Congenital nasal problem occurs because of two reasons vascular malformations and cleft lip anomalies.

Vascular malformation happens when skin and nose are distorted and cleft lip abnormality is caused when position, size, and location of nasal tip are distorted.

Both of these problems can only be corrected via rhinoplasty that can be either a laser skin treatment or surgical excision. However, which one method is best for patient is the decision of the surgeon.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Factors that contribute whether rhinoplasty surgery is right for you or not!

When considering undergoing rhinoplasty, you must consider few factors that will help you out to determine whether eyelid operation is right for you or not.


The foremost thing that you need to consider before undergoing nose job is your overall physical health. This is because if one is not healthy then one must not undergo it.

Patients who are suffering from ailments like heart problem, diabetes, or any other major health issue then they must definitely reconsider their thought and must ask their surgeon whether they can go for it or not.

Patient needs to inform the surgeon beforehand about their medical history, recent operations and if he or she regularly smokes or drinks. Talking to surgeon will help out in determining that for how long you need to quit smoking and what all measures you have to take before going for rhinoplasty surgery.


Not all persons are fit to go for operation. Either they have health problem or their body haven’t developed yet. Therefore, teens of the age 16 are refrained from this surgery because if they undergo it then it will put negative affect on them. The age that is recommended to patients by surgeons for undergoing surgery is above 18.


No surgery is cheap. Likewise, rhinoplasty surgery is not cheap. However, different surgeon has different fees. You must ask each of them and then choose one that you find will suit to your pocket and also deliver best results.

Many surgeons also allow patients to give payments in instalments. This helps them to fulfill their dream and pay them easily without facing any burden of cost.

There are few surgeons who also give insurance facility. Patients can claim for the insurance and get their surgery done via the insurance facility.


Patients must keep realistic expectations. Not all can have their favorite celebrity nose. Therefore, they must ask their surgeon whether they can get desired outcomes or not.

Surgeons who have good experience and are renowned can definitely do miracles. Therefore, you must consider those surgeons who are known for delivering good outcomes.

A qualified surgeon will definitely help you know the risks, outcomes, precautions and all other essential things. Furthermore, he will also tell you the follow-up surgery precautions that will help you get the desired outcomes.

Do you want to reshape your nose. Consider undergoing rhinoplasty surgery. It is the best surgical procedure to get the desired nose shape.

Monday, 23 December 2013

A little care can give you a beautiful nose after rhinoplasty

The popularity of the cosmetic nose job may have been grown from the fact that many world famous celebrities made their names with their successful nose surgical procedures which make their path for big-screen successful appearance.

Nose surgical procedure involves making fine incisions to gain access to the bones and cartilages of the nose so that appropriate changes can be made to beautify the nose contour. The alterations are made depending upon the patient’s requirements and in some cases, functional issues. The modifications are made in such a way that the final result will complement the overall facial structure.

If you are planning to undergo cosmetic nose procedure or just had gone through the operation, here are some do and don’ts that the rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC suggests to follow in order to come up with the most pleasing nose job results:

In most cases, swelling occurs one or two days following the nose job. Swelling may occur around the operated area and jawline.

In order to reduce the swelling, be regular with the medications as prescribed by your surgeon. You can go on light walk. Keep your head elevated so to facilitate the blood circulation in order to speed up the healing process. Avoid performing activities that involve horizontal or bending positions. Avoid lifting heavy items or hitting because it may cause stress on the operated area.

Patient may feel minor pain after the nose procedure. It is common that patient many feel bruised sensation due to swelling. The painful sensations increase at night.

Don’t skip medications prescribed by your surgeon. You can apply ice cubes (covered in the soft cloth) which greatly helps to reduce pain and swelling. Avoid exercises or activities that can cause exhaustion.

Follow the proper cleaning method to clean the inside and outside area of the operation.

You can use Q-tips damped with peroxide in order to gently clean the outer operated area. After few days following the nose job, you can clean the inside of the nose with Q-tips damped in mineral oil. After a week, you can clean your nose in a normal way.
Don’t blow or rub your nose few days following the surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC, using advanced cosmetic techniques, gets you the most suitable and beautiful nose contour, and improves your overall appearance.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Four parts of the complete rhinoplasty surgery

Nasal procedure is the oldest facial plastic surgery out of all others. It is a very effective way to change the shape of the nose, to attain a flawless appearance.

The result of this surgery varies from one patient to the other, as every individual has different set of problems, desires and expectations.

Below is the list of steps that are often taken when having nasal rhinoplasty surgery in New York:

Before carrying the procedure of surgery, it’s important for patient, as well as for the surgeon to discuss everything about the operation and in relation to it.

A proper physical examination of the patient’s nose is conducted. This examination includes both external and internal section of the organ. During the checkup, surgeon will note down the areas that are need to fixed. Also the things jotted down would be explained to the patient, so that nothing is hidden from him. In addition to it, the risks and complications that might occur during or after the operation will be discussed during the consultation round.

This surgery calls for the repositioning, removing or adding cartilage to the nose thus providing desired results to the patients.

First, the nose area made numb via anesthesia. A series of incisions are made on the nose either inside, bottom or on both the sides. The required changes are made and the incisions are then closed via placing stitches and sutures.

Incisions made externally called open and incisions made internally called closed rhinoplasty. Another procedure of nasal operation is septoplasty that is performed to improve the breathing of patients.

After the operation is performed, metal or plastic splint is placed in the patient’s nose. The splint is left for 3 to 5 days. After couple of days, sutures will dissolve if placed inside and if sutures are placed outside of the nose, it will be removed after 4 to 7 days from the surgery.

Some mild pains would be there after the surgery but patient needs to keep patience for some time. In addition to it there will be bruising around the nose for few weeks which will get alter with the passage of time.

Immediate results cannot be expected from any surgery. As swelling and bruising occurs after operation, thus patience is required to keep. One will definitely get to see positive results after few couple of months.

Rhinoplasty surgery in New York gives desired results that are permanent and last for lifetime.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Want to get a prettier nose? Read this!

Considering how important the feature of nose is, it is important to ensure it look prettier and if it is not, there is need of certain measures that helps to enhance the appealing of nose.

In today’s time, everyone wishes to have sharper nose and for the same they try to gather more and more information that helps them to become aware of the operation which will give them a new look.

Rhinoplasty in NYC is perfect option for altering the flaws of nose. If you are considering undergoing it, you need to research well, so that you end up finding the best possible results.

Consider the following steps that will definitely help you out during your research:

The surgeon
A good surgeon can only provide you optimal results. Thus, it is the foremost thing that you need to look into before fixing the date of your operation. This requires a lot of research as there hoards of surgeons available, who ensure they will provide guaranteed results but fail to deliver because in actuality amongst the group of surgeons neither all are experienced nor they are skilled to do so.

Therefore, look for an experienced and certified doctor that will help you give possibly good results and, if you get to find such surgeon, you will be assure that quality of treatment provided to you.

The clinic
After determining the best surgeon, next thing you need to be sure of is does the clinic you are thinking to go in is equipped with modern tools and equipment. Therefore, look for such clinic that is a perfect blend of good surgeons, staff members and clinic so that you need not have to look out for another place.

Research about the procedure and recovery
Last thing you need to check out is the procedure, risks and recovery of nose job. Before undergoing, you need to understand the sorts of complications, recovery process and time period for the operation etc.

After reading the document, make sure you thoroughly keep this these in mind before you fix your operation day with any random surgeon.

If you want a prettier nose that will accentuate the beauty of your entire face, go for a trusted doctor who is specialized in treating rhinoplasty in NYC.