Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What nose deformities you can correct with rhinoplasty surgery?

Many people have the same philosophy that rhinoplasty is only used for enhancing the appearance of nose. But it is just an hypothetical belief!

Rhinoplasty is not just meant to make the nose aesthetically beautiful, but to also done for correcting various flaws of nasal.

If you too have the same thinking then following are the nose deformities that patients can correct via undergoing rhinoplasty from a reputed nose plastic surgeon in New York City:

For modifying septum perforation
Many people have abnormal dorsum, which is lack of support to the nasal septum. This problem is generally caused to people who consume drugs like cocaine or nasal decongestant sprays. Moreover, this kind of problem is due to Wegener’s Granulomatosis, Sarcoidosis, Relapsing Polychondritis and Churg-Strauss Syndrome. However, if this problem is no corrected then patient is at a risk to get their nasal dorsum collapsed.

For correcting injudicious cosmetic surgical outcomes

At times of operation, when cartilage of nose gets over trimmed it leads to abnormal breathing. However, it is caused because of the carelessness of surgeon but to correct this problem, patient has to go for reconstructive rhinoplasty. During this operation, surgeon will widen the cartilage graft or middle vault of the nose, in order to restore normal breathing of the patient.

Removal of nasal skin cancer
Skin cancer can commonly occur in any area of body part. Nasal skin cancer is also a type of problem that people faces. Undergoing rhinoplasty is the solution for it.

Rhinoplasty for Rhinophyma
Rhinophyma is when skin inside the nose gets acne. The tip of the patient nose gets red, thickened, and enlarged. A solution to this problem can be either antibiotics or rhinoplasty. A special kind of nose job called laser job is done for removing the abnormal skin

Nose surgical treatment for congenital nasal deformity
Congenital nasal problem occurs because of two reasons vascular malformations and cleft lip anomalies.

Vascular malformation happens when skin and nose are distorted and cleft lip abnormality is caused when position, size, and location of nasal tip are distorted.

Both of these problems can only be corrected via rhinoplasty that can be either a laser skin treatment or surgical excision. However, which one method is best for patient is the decision of the surgeon.

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