Thursday, 19 December 2013

Four parts of the complete rhinoplasty surgery

Nasal procedure is the oldest facial plastic surgery out of all others. It is a very effective way to change the shape of the nose, to attain a flawless appearance.

The result of this surgery varies from one patient to the other, as every individual has different set of problems, desires and expectations.

Below is the list of steps that are often taken when having nasal rhinoplasty surgery in New York:

Before carrying the procedure of surgery, it’s important for patient, as well as for the surgeon to discuss everything about the operation and in relation to it.

A proper physical examination of the patient’s nose is conducted. This examination includes both external and internal section of the organ. During the checkup, surgeon will note down the areas that are need to fixed. Also the things jotted down would be explained to the patient, so that nothing is hidden from him. In addition to it, the risks and complications that might occur during or after the operation will be discussed during the consultation round.

This surgery calls for the repositioning, removing or adding cartilage to the nose thus providing desired results to the patients.

First, the nose area made numb via anesthesia. A series of incisions are made on the nose either inside, bottom or on both the sides. The required changes are made and the incisions are then closed via placing stitches and sutures.

Incisions made externally called open and incisions made internally called closed rhinoplasty. Another procedure of nasal operation is septoplasty that is performed to improve the breathing of patients.

After the operation is performed, metal or plastic splint is placed in the patient’s nose. The splint is left for 3 to 5 days. After couple of days, sutures will dissolve if placed inside and if sutures are placed outside of the nose, it will be removed after 4 to 7 days from the surgery.

Some mild pains would be there after the surgery but patient needs to keep patience for some time. In addition to it there will be bruising around the nose for few weeks which will get alter with the passage of time.

Immediate results cannot be expected from any surgery. As swelling and bruising occurs after operation, thus patience is required to keep. One will definitely get to see positive results after few couple of months.

Rhinoplasty surgery in New York gives desired results that are permanent and last for lifetime.

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