Monday, 23 December 2013

A little care can give you a beautiful nose after rhinoplasty

The popularity of the cosmetic nose job may have been grown from the fact that many world famous celebrities made their names with their successful nose surgical procedures which make their path for big-screen successful appearance.

Nose surgical procedure involves making fine incisions to gain access to the bones and cartilages of the nose so that appropriate changes can be made to beautify the nose contour. The alterations are made depending upon the patient’s requirements and in some cases, functional issues. The modifications are made in such a way that the final result will complement the overall facial structure.

If you are planning to undergo cosmetic nose procedure or just had gone through the operation, here are some do and don’ts that the rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC suggests to follow in order to come up with the most pleasing nose job results:

In most cases, swelling occurs one or two days following the nose job. Swelling may occur around the operated area and jawline.

In order to reduce the swelling, be regular with the medications as prescribed by your surgeon. You can go on light walk. Keep your head elevated so to facilitate the blood circulation in order to speed up the healing process. Avoid performing activities that involve horizontal or bending positions. Avoid lifting heavy items or hitting because it may cause stress on the operated area.

Patient may feel minor pain after the nose procedure. It is common that patient many feel bruised sensation due to swelling. The painful sensations increase at night.

Don’t skip medications prescribed by your surgeon. You can apply ice cubes (covered in the soft cloth) which greatly helps to reduce pain and swelling. Avoid exercises or activities that can cause exhaustion.

Follow the proper cleaning method to clean the inside and outside area of the operation.

You can use Q-tips damped with peroxide in order to gently clean the outer operated area. After few days following the nose job, you can clean the inside of the nose with Q-tips damped in mineral oil. After a week, you can clean your nose in a normal way.
Don’t blow or rub your nose few days following the surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC, using advanced cosmetic techniques, gets you the most suitable and beautiful nose contour, and improves your overall appearance.

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