Friday, 22 November 2013

How painful is a nose job?

Do you want to get a nose job done? You may have several questions running in your mind like how effective is the procedure. How much does it cost? Another question that strikes in the mind is if the nasal procedure painful, or not. To get answers for all such questions, continue to read.

Few years back, I choose to go for nose reshaping procedure. I had bulbous nostrils and twisted septum, which made me eligible for the nose surgical procedure. I cannot say there was no pain, because I experienced mild pain. Thanks to my doctor for prescribing some effective painkillers that helped me when I was in pain.

If you too are planning to go for this medical procedure, then here’s a quick suggestion that comes from my own experience- only consult the finest surgeon in your city, because this procedure will decide how you’d look for the rest of your lives.

The best rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC make the final decision about performing nose job on patient by going through a discussion with him/her.

The purpose of scheduling consultation is to know the detailed information about patient’s present health status, past records of medical treatment and procedures undertaken, family history of medical conditions, allergies from some specific medications etc.

Then surgeon evaluates all this information from different safety and health aspects and come with the final decision whether or not the patient is the right candidate for the operation.

Nose job and Anaesthesia
If doctor finds you the right candidate for the nose job, surgeon will consider you expectation from the operation. Depending upon the alterations to be made and extensiveness of the nasal procedure, surgeon decides the type of the anaesthesia to be administered.

There are basically three options for anaesthesia:
  • Local: Patient is fully awake during the cosmetic operation and local anaesthesia helps to numb the area under operation.
  • Local anaesthesia with sedation: Patient is given an additional sedation to the local anaesthesia. With this type of numbing method, patient may awake and fall asleep number of times during the operation.
  • General: This type of anaesthesia keeps the person completely numb during the entire job and doctors use endotracheal tube to help patient in breathing.
Therefore, during the operation patient will be completely unconscious and feel no pain during procedure. When patient waken up after the nose job, he/she may feel minor to moderate discomfort in the operated area.

Best rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC ensure the patient’s safety and comfort during and after the procedure.

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