Thursday, 31 October 2013

Here’s how you can easily recovery from rhinoplasty

Undoubtedly, many of us choose surgical over non-surgical method for correcting the flaws of nose. A prominent reason behind it is that corrective results are accomplished via it.

People undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures have to follow pre and post-operative care, in order to get effective results.

While everyone heals differently, there are some tips that you definitely want to adhere, if you want to recover from nose job better and faster.

Here are few useful tips of recovery from rhinoplasty surgery provided by the surgeons of Best Rhinoplasty NYC. Let’s take a look at those tips:
  • After operation, you will notice major swelling, bruising under and around the nose. For this, you must take prescribed medications and also follow few things like use ice packs, keep head elevated while sleeping and do not apply makeup etc.
  • In case, if presently you are taking any vitamins, calcium, OTC and other supplements, you should not take them for a period of time. In addition, you should avoid intake of aspirin-like products or diet pills.
  • Many times patients feel nausea and for that surgeon will prescribe the medication, which is must for him to take in order to eliminate the nauseated feelings. In regard to this, you must also lesser the intake of greasy food in your diet. This will also help in controlling nausea.
  • Patient must not get involved in some strenuous activities because this will increase the blood pressure, which will result in bleeding from the nose. In addition to it, patient must also take off from his office work.
  • Blowing of nose is a strict no-no because there can be risk of abnormal bleeding, which will obstruct the healing.
  • One must not use tissues or Q-tips, which can cause rashes on the nose.
  • For the first seven days, patients have to wear splint or cast, which he should not move.
  • If nose job patients are planning to go outdoors, they need to use sunblock for the protection of nose from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Patience is must to keep by people who have undergone nose job because for few weeks, nasal tip will be numb or the patient would experience some sensitivity. Alongside, a positive willpower should be there in patient which will help him to recover fast.
  • One must stay away from hot dry locations because it will dry out nasal passages. In case, if one experiences such situation, then some nasal lubricant sprays or use of Vaseline is must.
  • The surgeons recommend gentle cleaning for faster recovery. Moreover, it is necessary to do because small white head called Milia grows on nose after surgery.
If you have undergone Rhinoplasty Surgery and you want effective results then make sure you follow the points mentioned in this document.

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