Thursday, 4 April 2013

Different techniques of Rhinoplasty operation!

Usually, during our lifetime some or the other day we do met with accidents or have birth defects, which might leave us with unshaped nose, scars, and defects. Today, various cosmetic surgical treatments (facelift, neck lift, nose job) have come through, which one can get a drastic change in their looks. By going through any of the operation, an individual would experience two benefits- improved functionality and boost in the confidence level.

The most common type of operation today is rhinoplasty. People residing in New York and around the globe opt for this procedure to correct the shape, as well as eliminate the problem of constricted breathing.

There are two main types of nose job called open and closed. But depending on the outcomes and patient’s cases these are further categorized in two parts called revision and septoplasty. Now, let’s have a look on all the four type of nose job techniques in detail:


Also known as internal nose job, it is a process in, which incisions are made inside the nose. Thus through this method patients won’t have any visible scars because incisions are made inside the nose. Under this procedure changes are made in bone and cartilage and once the rearrangement is done nose is packed with absorbent materials.


This procedure is involved when major changes are needed to be made on the nose. This is known as external nose job because incisions are made outside the nose, which eventually put scars on the patients face. Under this procedure incisions are made across columella (vertical wall between the two nostrils). Then the skin is being pulled up with an instrument called retractor. After doing so, surgeon would be clearly able to see cartilage and bone of the nose and then make appropriate changes. Later, once the changes are made incisions are closed.


Usually, patients who do not get desired results or still face problem with their nose they are recommended for revision nose job. However, it cannot be performed immediately after open or closed operation. Thus one needs to wait till the time their first operation incisions have been healed.


This type of nose job is done for those patients who are facing breathing problems or they have some chronic infections like inflammation, sinuses, sleep apnea, and nose bleeds. Under this procedure septum (wall separating two nostrils) is being corrected by cutting away the excess cartilage and packed with splint.

So, if you are not happy with your nose shape or facing breathing problems then you must seek for Rhinoplasty specialist in NYC that would significantly increase your chances of getting good results, as well as reduce the chances of revision.


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