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Facts and Fallacies about nose operation -The Truth Behind Common Myths

A nose operation is a medical procedure performed to improve the appearance and functioning of nose. More precisely, it can be used for aesthetic reasons, basically re-shaping the nose to improve its appearance. Apart from aesthetic purpose, it can also be used as re-constructive nasal treatment with the purpose of correcting birth defects and impairments that are result of injury.

There are many concerns and worries before and after NYC Rhinoplasty surgery. In this article, we will walk through some common facts and misconceptions about this procedure:


The result of nose job can last a lifetime:

Nose job if performed with surgical expertise and with full understanding of what constitutes an appropriate, attractive and well-shaped nose for every patient, can last lifetime. It is advised to communicate with your nose surgeon to share what you expect after the procedure is performed.

Clinical treatments to embellish your appearance by re-shaping your nose:

The goal of nose operation is to give patients a more pleasing appearance by making some changes in nose size and nose width in relation to other facial structures. An expert surgeon can re-shape the nose tip, narrow the nostrils, increase or decrease the size of the nose.

With Surgical procedure problems with breathing can be corrected:

Different type of problems with breathing that can be corrected with the help of this surgical procedure includes mouth breathing, snoring and nasal restriction. Breathing problems can occur when the inner structure of the nose is too small to help normal breathing. Authentic treatment can correct these inner structures of the nose by unblocking the restriction.


Swollen nose after nose job is alarming:

Nose swelling is normal after this surgical procedure. This is an obvious response from our immune system. Nose Plastic Surgeon in New York City will prescribe necessary medications to reduce the chances of swelling. Seek a medical advice, if the swelling exists more than normal time period such as more than six weeks.

Bruising is a matter of concern after the operation

Anatomically, our nose has many small blood vessels that can be affected during this surgical procedure. So, the chance of injury is very common after a nose job. Medications are prescribed to lessen injury and after few weeks, it will not be observed.

Insurance company will cover the expenses of aesthetic nose job:

If nose-correction is performed to correct a broken nose due to an accident, insurance company will cover the cost. But if it is performed for aesthetic reasons then surgical costs are shouldered by the client.

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