Thursday, 26 September 2013

Rhinoplasty is the answer to nose related problems!

Vanity, today, has become an essential need for everyone.

It enables us to enjoy both the simpler and the finer things in life to the fullest.

Beauty, make-up, fitness, designer clothes, parlours etc. have been synonymous with vanity for the better part of the modern era.

But recently, there’s has been a new trend: Cosmetic surgery.

There was a time, when people were afraid and to some extent associated a taboo to with going under the knife. But as years went by, beauty became somewhat of an essential need in order to carry out a complete and fulfilling life.

Add in conjunction to that, the advancements made by the medical industry resulting in safe and genuinely helpful cosmetic procedures, and now if anyone wants a correctional surgery and has found a reliable source for the same, he/she need not think twice before going ahead and getting their physical flaws surgically corrected.

Rhinoplasty is among the most popular and affective tools of cosmetic surgery. More commonly known as a nose job, it is meant to correct a flawed nose, that is a nose which is crooked or not of an appropriate size or shape as per the face and the rest of the set of features of a person.

The nose is perhaps the most prominent feature of our face, which is why the right nose can play a crucial role in enhancing the physical appearance of a person.

Look for a good Rhinoplasty Surgeon in NYC like the ones at Best Rhinoplasty NYC that possess the following important qualities like a cosmetic surgeon should:

Practice makes perfect, and as far rhinoplasty goes, it demands to be dealt with precision and prowess. Look for a name that can be classified as a veteran. If the surgeon is experienced, he automatically understands the basic pre-requisites of the craft.

There are surgeons that become popular for the kind of results they deliver. Find a battle-tested cosmetic surgeon for a stress free procedure as this way you are assured of the quality of his past works.

The quality and type of surgical apparatus used can also affect the overall outcome of the surgery. It should be hygienic, adhere to set guidelines and be used in conjunction with the latest, safest, and most effect techniques available. Apart from the equipment, the anti-biotic, and anesthesia used should also be up to the mark.

The price-tag of a cosmetic surgery may vary from little to a lot and so does the quality but not necessarily in a direct correlation. The trick is to find an affordable and cost effective source.

Look for a good Rhinoplasty Surgeon in NYC that is experienced, has a good skill-set, and is affordable.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Basic questions that strikes in one's mind after going under rhinoplasty!

To improve the features of the nose, nasal job is the most common and popular surgical treatment performed nowadays. Patients who have gone through it or thinking to go for it might be juggling with various questions. Thinking what are those queries? Then let’s have a look:

What can I expect after nose operation?

This is the most common question that one thinks off, because purpose of going under any surgical treatment is to get desired or expected results.

After the nose job operation, patient can get up and have a walk but with the assistance of nurse or family member. Initially, patient would have a splint on the nose which would be kept for about few weeks.

During the first week after operation, patient would feel swelling, bruising, and even difficulty while breathing. But one need not to worry as it would not stay for a long time. However, the degree of swelling would vary from one patient to another; therefore, recovery time period would subsequently be different of each individual or patient. In order to reduce the effects of swelling and bruising, cold compressions should be placed over the nose. As time would pass, the outcomes of operation would be clearly seen. Approximately, after 1 year final appearance would be able to judge.

Will I have an inside foil splints, inside packing and outside cast after nasal job?

Yes, once the operation is completed, surgeon would place small adhesive strips on the nose, piece of foil made of silicone or absorbent material inside the nasal to provide support to the septum and nasal packing is also applied so as to avoid bleeding.

How long will I be off from work?

Approximately for about two or three week’s patient needs to take off from the work. This is because of the fact that if one goes out for work; one may have to face bleeding.

Can I wear glasses after rhinoplasty operation?

If one does not have a perfect visibility and requires wearing glasses, then they should tell this point to the surgeon before getting the Rhinoplasty performed in New York by Best Rhinoplasty NYC surgeons. This is because some surgeons permit and some may not allow patients to wear glasses, depending on the patient’s condition.

Can I do sports after nose operation?

There is a strict no for sports to the patients who have gone under nose job because it involves strenuous activities that may cause bleeding. For at least one year, sports is said to be avoided.

Can I sunbathe after surgical treatment?

For the first year after the operation, surgeon would recommend patient to protect themselves from sun exposure. Therefore, one needs to apply sunscreen or wear a sun hat.

May I visit the sauna or steam bath?

Likewise one is restricted to go in sun; same goes out with sauna bath. For at least three months one needs to avoid that.

Do I need to take pain medication?

Patient would feel mild pains after the operation; therefore, pain medications that would be prescribed by the surgeon must be taken.

If you want to go for rhinoplasty operation in New York then search for a specialist who is skilled in performing this surgical procedure.